Thursday, March 29, 2007

sunday morning baking

while Daddy nursed his sore head (he was a bit poorly after some mixed drinks the night before) Mummy helped me bake blueberry muffins. I am very good at stirring.

Charlie and his family came over for Sunday lunch. I loved taking care of Phoebe and I was very gentle with her: stroking her hair and rocking her to sleep.

Charlie and I played with my toys and then we had a bath. Charlie was calm and chilled in the bath whereas I shouted and spun around in the water, trying to see how wet I could make Daddy and Uncle Angus.


Daddy's Aunt & Uncle celebrated their silver wedding anniversary in March which was a great excuse to play with my big cousins again. We went to Sharon's house in Eastcote and had a lovely lunch with chocolate cake afterwards. At first my cousins thought I was really really cute, but then I showed my boisterous side and they didn't like me jumping on them so much.

we celebrated chinese new year at my nursery

I like chopsticks