Sunday, May 28, 2006

Uncle Angus & Aunt Nicky

soap-dodgers in the beer garden of the William IV
showing off

This is me and Charlie in the beer garden - hanging out.
Angus & Nicky are Charlie's parents and they've known me all my life.

lunch in Queens Park

Another day, another lunch in a pub. Only this one had a beer garden so I could push my buggy around and around. This time we had sunday lunch with Angus, Nicky and Charlie, and Gav & Laura. Charlie is my friend and he is 6 weeks older than me.

something happening at the zoo

We went to London Zoo with my friend Madeline (or Maddy-boo to her mates) and her parents, Phil & Monique. Here we are in the petting area saying hi to some goats.

We made slow progress as me and M wanted to walk around ourselves, but we saw pygmy hippos, wart-hogs, a giraffe, some tigers and a leopard. we also went to the children's bit where we could touch goats and sheep.

After a few hours of zoo-action the parents wanted a good lunch so we went to the Engineer and they all had really big cheese burgers. I chose penne pasta and ate it all up. M slept. The parents enjoyed a tasty organic pinotage and had enough room for dessert. Besides it was raining lots outside so not worth leaving the pub in a hurry...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

wedding in Bath

Mummy and Daddy went to a wedding and drank a lot of champagne and stayed up really really late (because they could!).

Monday, May 15, 2006

I went to stay with Grandpa and Maggie last weekend as Mummy and Daddy went to a wedding without me! I had a lovely time in the country meeting donkeys, pigs, dogs, cats, chickens and pheasants. I went and sailed a little boat near the sea and saw the bluebell woods where I planted a tree in February.

my new cousin

As of May 11th I am no longer the only grandchild in the family! Phew, the pressure might be off me for a bit as we welcome Jack to the world.

Here is Jack a few weeks later hanging with Grandpa and his mummy and daddy

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

smelling moroccan flowers

another posh lunch

This time I have eaten a selection of grilled fish at the Gazelle D'Or. Mummy and Daddy needed to have a treat having spent the morning driving around and in Agadir trying to get a baby seat for the clapped-out-88,000 km-rental-car. It was tricky and actually Daddy was stopped by the police twice for illegal manoeuvers.


I liked eating in Marrakesh: here I am eating lunch at Cafe Arabe just north of the slipper souq. It was very trendy and there was a bright green iguana in the tree next to me. I love lasagne!

And then I had dinner with Mummy and Daddy in the Djemma el fna square. I ate most of Mummy's couscous with chicken and vegetables.

Rugged trekking

A short stroll turned into a long trek through berber villages, past smelly donkeys, over flooded terraine and with Daddy wanting to forge a river because the bridge had either been washed away or the man-from-casablanca wearing dolce & gabbana jeans had lied to us about there being one. Mummy and Daddy had a well deserved bottle of rose later to regain their strength. I put on Mummy's sunglasses.

Lunch on the Tiz n' Test pass

We had a delicious lunch of moroccan eggs cooked in a tajine dish and served with flatbread and morocaine salad, followed by chilled tangerines.
This was before the flat tire escapade.


Breakfast at Dar Zitoune

Monday, May 08, 2006

I love swimming pools

This was was in Ouirgane and was really cold.

The other one was in Marrakesh and not quite so cold.

Spices Souq

I've been hanging out in Morocco recently and am wearing a necklace bought in Essaouira. I loved eating couscous, grilled fish and tajines. I ran all over the souqs and investigated spice stalls and slipper stalls and met lots of new people. I woke up very early most days and did lots of shrieking, especially when I spotted a dog (dogt) or a cat (kitty) or someone doing yoga. I met and played with a baby turtle in my hotel. I did some swimming and some trekking. And I watched snake charmers and dancers in Marrakesh. I also became addicted to fresh orange juice and was clever about finding orange juice stalls.