Wednesday, January 24, 2007

snow in kentish town

This morning, the streets of Kentish Town looked quite pretty with an inch of snow covering the grey. This is the view from my bedroom window of the garden below.

bath with my neighbour

My neighbour, Rowan came over to play and then we had a bath and splashed around. We had lots of fun and giggles when we got out and began running away from our mummies.

My mummy cut and styled my hair - she calls it the Audrey Tatou look.

Sunday breakfast

On the blue boys scooter

Charlie says that I will be getting a pink girls scooter so I don't need to try his out. Mmmmm

Charlie's baby sister

My friend Charlie has a baby sister now. We went to visit the family and meet Phoebe. She was cute but I wasn't sure when Mummy snuggled her and felt better when I was nestled on Mummy's other arm. It was much more fun riding on Charlie's scooter and playing inside his big card board rocket.

Charlie's got a big boy's bed as Phobe wants his cot, so we jumped on it with all his bears.

Friday, January 05, 2007


I visited more family at wendy and bren's house (they are my great aunt and great uncle) where I played with my cousins, Freya and Anjuli.
This was so much fun, I had not seen them since June, and for the first time that I can remember I was not keen to leave when Mummy and Daddy put their coats on to go.

boxing day in blackheath

The day after Christmas was a sedate affair, with Mummy really tired from cooking and me wiped out with the excitement of being centre of attention. We went to Auntie Danuta's for lunch in Blackheath and we fed the ducks.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

wintery suffolk holiday

Uncle Jack, Me and Aunt Clare
Me and Mummy on the Aldeburgh beach

After Christmas, we took a few days to go to Suffolk to stay in Pappy's house. It was really cold but Daddy and I built a fire and we snuggled up and ate cake.

When my aunt clare and uncle jack and aunt bryony and uncle chris arrived we all went for lunch in Aldeburgh, the pubs were full so we ate fish and chips on the beach. It was pretty mild, but not like in October and we certainly didnt hang about sitting in the sunshine. Instead we went and jumped away from waves and threw stones in the water.

On our last day, New Year's Eve, we went for a windy dark walk in Captains Wood, here we are looking warm... but some of party had consumed lots of red wine the night before, and a windy walk was just what they needed. We left the aunties and Chris and Jack to have a huge NYE's and perhaps pictures of that will appear here soon.

My New Year's Eve was spent in Fulham at my friend Isla's house where we had dinner and played with animal shaped balloons. I love my pig balloon, it reminds me of the piggies we saw in Suffolk.

Christmas Day

On Christmas we had some of Mummy's family and some of the Kleins for dinner, 12 plus me! I had spent the previous week being extra good and helpful and luckily Santa visited and bought a number of presents with him. I hadn't spoiled it by being very bad all day on the day before Christmas Eve, because he was already on his way with the presents. In my sack were some playdoh, a musical 4 x 4, a book on Thomas the tank engine and a book about Kipper. Under the tree a huge pile of presents had my name on, and I opened an oven, some dominoes, pjs, slippers, a dolly bed, another truck, some more books and a festive bib. There were more but its too many to list.

On Christmas Day I was really excited and did a lot of running around and squealing. I tried to help with making lunch but Mummy decided that was not a good idea so I was entertained by my aunties instead.

The starter was blinis (hand made by my Daddy) with smoked salmon, and the main course was a kelly's bronze 6 kg turkey with lots of trimmings. Grandma had made a special christmas pudding (nut-free) so me and mummy enjoyed eating that later with custard, after the walk on Hampstead Heath.
I had a nap, but mummy didnt rest until the present-opening-frenzy much much later.

December activities

We did lots of Christmassy things in December, as you might, we put up our tree and I wrapped some presents and sung carols. Then I helped Mummy to make a Christmas cake, we mixed the ingredients together and when it was baked I helped by making small holes so that Mummy could feed it with cognac. A few weeks later it was iced and I stuck a 3 icing snowflakes on, very carefully and leaving only a few fingerprints. It was really yummy - I have decided that I like christmas cake and christmas pudding.

We also made Christmas princess cookies with pink sugar, white chocolate and cranberries, but I didnt like those so much so Mummy took them to work where they were quickly eaten.
This is me mid-slide in the amazing jungle playground in Hampstead Heath, and then later trying out a rocking-motorcycle.