Tuesday, February 27, 2007

a visit to the Lluc Monastery

This was a very pretty monastery in the hills behind Inca & Selva. I pushed my pink pushchair around a chap with a big hat on, carved in stone, a bishop or something like it. We looked in the basilica and I tried to keep silent as the sign said, but then had to point out to mummy that there was a baby in the painting inside.

in the olive grove behind the finca

Monday, February 26, 2007

Portixol Hotel

They were very nice in the Portixol Hotel. This is the view from the room's terrace. I had a cot and a baby bath and they warmed up my milk and let me drink in the ultra cool lounge - what more can a 2 and half year old want? No one batted an eyelid when I threw myself on the floor of the reception in a rage about something and screamed my special loud growl scream.

The breakfast was fab - dessert, chocolate and baby croissants all at once. I even managed a bit of a boiled egg.

around Palma de Mallorca in February

Hello Granny from The Miro Foundation.

The bars are at the fortifications to the Cathedrale

palma de mallorca

in suffolk with Pappy

where's Pappy gone?

Monday, February 05, 2007

fun on Southwold pier

We had an insight into what it could be like in another 40 years when Matt took on the Mobility Masterclass game. For a mere £1, Matt had his own zimmerframe and the challenge was on to cross the motorway safely and get to the Ritzy ballroom without being roadkill. It got pretty exciting at points, the crowd were behind him and the roars of encourage could be heard in Thorpness but poor Matt only made it across once, the zimmer was harder to use than it looked.


there it is in the air, oh now you see it in the sea. The sea wouldn't give it back.

Mummy & Daddy's weekend getaway

Well. Last weekend Mummy and Daddy left me at Grandpa's house for a whole weekend whilst they had fun in Framlingham (Fram if you're a local). Daddy was celebrating with his friends 20 years from when they all started at Manchester University. They stayed at Fruer House, and look how lovely it was:
Prop and Mary came in their Bedford bus 'Chantelle" and everyone went to Southwold in it.

Home House

I had lunch with my friend Tamara at her club in the West End - Home House. Our parents came too and enjoyed the roast beef and the suckling pig. Tamara and I were pretty naughty actually, we ran around and around and around through the various rooms on the posh second floor bar area, squealing as we went. We climbed on all the sofas and didn't mind if a fellow member was already sitting there quietly reading his Sunday paper. We then shrieked loudly down the stone stairs to scare off anyone who was coming up and laughed our socks off. Tamara's baby sister Alessa cried her socks off, probably due to all the excitement we were creating.

Neither of us were any good at sitting still during lunch itself, except when the chocolate torte arrived. Of course after we ate that...there was no stopping us and yep it ended in tears about an hour later. Mummy, Daddy, Marie and Shai were completely worn out and just gibbered a goodbye exchange to each other at the end. Someone suggested a grown-up only dinner next time? Mmmm fancy wanting that!