Monday, February 05, 2007

Home House

I had lunch with my friend Tamara at her club in the West End - Home House. Our parents came too and enjoyed the roast beef and the suckling pig. Tamara and I were pretty naughty actually, we ran around and around and around through the various rooms on the posh second floor bar area, squealing as we went. We climbed on all the sofas and didn't mind if a fellow member was already sitting there quietly reading his Sunday paper. We then shrieked loudly down the stone stairs to scare off anyone who was coming up and laughed our socks off. Tamara's baby sister Alessa cried her socks off, probably due to all the excitement we were creating.

Neither of us were any good at sitting still during lunch itself, except when the chocolate torte arrived. Of course after we ate that...there was no stopping us and yep it ended in tears about an hour later. Mummy, Daddy, Marie and Shai were completely worn out and just gibbered a goodbye exchange to each other at the end. Someone suggested a grown-up only dinner next time? Mmmm fancy wanting that!

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