Friday, October 27, 2006

My Great Granny Rogers

I went to vist my mummy's grandma in Cambridge. She is 90 years older than me so she knows a thing or two about stuff. Mummy and I took the train from Kings Cross which was very exciting, I mostly relaxed on the seats occasionally looking out of the window to spot a cow or sheeps.
Gt Granny Rogers met us at the station and then we walked back to where she lives. I played in her flat and watched a naughty squirrel come and eat the seeds she had put out for the birds. Gt Granny Rogers let me have a cadburys chocolate finger which was so yummy and went everywhere.
As we left I had a long look in the goldfish pond and we were lucky to make our train. Who picked us in London, well Daddy of course in his big shiny car.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Aldeburgh Seaside, Suffolk

Whilst in Suffolk we went for a trip to the pretty seaside town of Aldeburgh armed with my small sailboat. All the fresh air that we breathed for the 20 minute journey there made us starving and the first thing we did on arriving was queue for some freshly fried fish and chips.

The Aldeburgh chippie is a stone's throw or a quick-2-year-old bolt away from the beach itself. There was a significant queue but it moved quickly and in no time we were choosing between large cod/med haddock or large cod/large haddock. We sat and ate our delicious lunch on the pebbles in the warm October sunshine. You'll be pleased to know that I ate a good share of Mummy's haddock even tho I was sharing an extra large cod with Daddy. The fish was perfectly cooked, firm not soggy and not at all fishy in taste with a crisp light batter and rested on chips which were thickly cut and very potato-y.

Later I sailed my sailboat on the little pond and we all went to the Aldeburgh farmer's market to see Grandpa's honey on sale. It was proudly displayed on the counter next to the till however there was not time to look around properly as I'd decided I was tired and it was time for a major cry/wail/square mouth session.

I had a good nap as we went back to Sudbourne and perked up enough for a game of croquet on the lawn.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Some of the weekend was spent foraging: I collected sloes, wild plums and crab apples from the surrounding hedge rows.
I also enjoyed a round of croquet and a spot of hammock relaxing. I have included a link to the rules of Oxford croquet and point out rule no 4 to the aunties and uncles.

The aunt 'n uncle gang went for a cycle ride to Orford.

Uncle Jack got stung on his head by one of the infamous bees. In case you don't know, Grandpa keeps bees at the end of the garden. This held up the match for 10 minutes or so but Uncle Jack was not going to be stopped by a little old bee.

little pumpkin

Grandpa bought this pumpkin especially for me. The plan was for Mummy and Daddy to take it home but it wouldnt fit in the car. It took 2 people and a wheelbarrow to get it back to the cottage so after all that effort the least I could do was pose for a photo.

shrooming in Captains Wood

The next morning Mummy, Maggie and I went looking for wild mushrooms. It was lovely weather, warm and sunny. Peter, with his brown felt hat and stout stick looked a likely mushroom expert which he said he was, and he set off at a pace that was tricky for me (a 2yr old in purple butterfly wellies) to keep up with. I spent most of the hour and half walk being carried by Mummy and I decided to let 'Baggy' carry me a few times too. Mummy wished she had a backpack to carry me. Baggy wished she had brought a mushroom guidebook.

After much funghi later, we all knew which were poisonous (an excellent specimen of a death cap was discovered but one keen picker), but were sketchy on 'good' ones. Mummy decided to stick to waitrose own brand. Mummy and Baggy agreed the group was too large and too weird to carry on so we headed back spotting a group of 50 deer along the way. I relaxed fully and fell asleep on Mummy's shoulder (what a treat) and she was quite crippled by the time we reached the cottage.

See this site for the wild mushroom picker code of conduct

Orford Ness

I went with Mummy and Daddy to visit Grandpa in Suffolk. We drove up the M11 in pouring rain and it took all afternoon. I cried when the rain drops came down on the windows in menacing way, I guess because the noise was incredibly loud.

We arrived at the Ness around 5pm by which time the sun was out. We looked at the spot where Grandpa operated the Orford Ness ferry in the summer. I jumped in some puddles. Then I tightrope walked around the edge of the pier and examined the murky cold-looking water below. Mummy was worried I'd topple in but Daddy said I wasnt stupid - which I am not. Daddy gathered pebbles for me to throw in the water to make big splashes. We got quite cold with the east wind and headed on to Sudbourne for a roast chicken dinner.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

a reminder of me when I was new and it was taken on 29 september 2004:

more birthday pictures

Me and Grandma

Me and Daddy

Monday, October 02, 2006

The next day

I had a moutain of presents to open and made a good start bright and early (6.45). One of the best things was some farm yard wrapping paper and I named all the animals before ripping the paper off.
After that I jumped on the bed and on mummy.

Later that day Daddy's family came to celebrate and we went to the pub. Everyone bought me a present. Grandma had got me a till which beeps and has real money and a credit card. I've decided I love roast beef and yorkshire pudding, this is my special 'happy' yorkshire pud and gravy face. I enjoyed it so much that Uncle Hamish gave me some of his - him giving tasty food away from his plate is almost unknown. (Infact Daddy & Mummy say they have NEVER seen it happen before in the 8 years they have known him. I think this is because I am very cute and get away with stuff.)

This is my mummy and I am giving her a really big hug. My tummy is full and I am being loving.