Friday, October 27, 2006

My Great Granny Rogers

I went to vist my mummy's grandma in Cambridge. She is 90 years older than me so she knows a thing or two about stuff. Mummy and I took the train from Kings Cross which was very exciting, I mostly relaxed on the seats occasionally looking out of the window to spot a cow or sheeps.
Gt Granny Rogers met us at the station and then we walked back to where she lives. I played in her flat and watched a naughty squirrel come and eat the seeds she had put out for the birds. Gt Granny Rogers let me have a cadburys chocolate finger which was so yummy and went everywhere.
As we left I had a long look in the goldfish pond and we were lucky to make our train. Who picked us in London, well Daddy of course in his big shiny car.

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