Monday, September 25, 2006

I am 2

I turned two over the weekend and my parents threw me a party and indulged me pretty much the entire weekend. You should see the mountain of toys - its great! Mummy was rather frazzled after 16 of my friends had eaten, drunk and played to their fill.

All the balloons were popped within 30 mins of the start and alot of bread was chewed. It was emotional at one point with all my friends around singing and celebrating with me so I decided to have a little cry.

The Hannafords in Surb

I spent another warm september afternoon playing in the garden of the Hannafords. They were very nice to me, Marguerite gave me a stripey lolly and Gabe pushed me around the garden in his car. It look quite a long time to get there but it was worth especially when Rolo and friends appeared (the guinea pigs).
After we left Surbiton we went to the Thames Festival. This is me and Daddyjumping in front of St Pauls and then looking supercool on the wobbly bridge with London bridge in the background. I loved pushing my little buggy over the wobbly bridge and trying to knock tourists' ankles. At the festival I watched swing dancing, bubbles, and a small dog.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

hampstead in september

The past weekend was beautiful with warm sunshine and dry summer smells everywhere. After going to Mimi's party I went for a run on Hampstead Heath with my pink buggy. By the way I got Mimi this really cool baby mermaid set with combs and flowers and everything. It was specially for big girls cause Mimi turned 4.

Anyway, I made it to the top of Parliament Hill and you can see me and Daddy with the London skyline behind us - it was the clearest I'd ever seen it (with maybe the exeption of Christmas Day 2005) in the background you can make out the gerkin and the barbican towers.

I then stood and watched the kite flyers and pranced around to avoid having my photo taken. Don't you think I have the most wonderful eyelashes you ever saw?

Sunday, September 10, 2006

edinburgh festival

Hi, I went to the literary and tv festival in Edinburgh a few weeks ago. And then spent 24 hours in Glasgow partying. In Edinburgh I had a great time, played on a trampoline, then on the swings and slide, then on the climbing frame - all of which were in the garden of my friends' house. I loved running all over their house too; thanks Florence, Rosie and Isabella! We went to see the Gruffalo play together which I enjoyed a lot, especially the Sharing a Shell story and the Gruffalo in the woods. I got a bit confident and went right to the front, but then a really scary dinosaur appeared and I ran fast into mummy's arms. I was a bit of scaredi cat.
Glasgow was fun as I met some very big dogs (wheaten terriers) and stayed in a boutique hotel. I liked jumping on the bed at One Devonshire Grds very much indeed.