Sunday, September 10, 2006

edinburgh festival

Hi, I went to the literary and tv festival in Edinburgh a few weeks ago. And then spent 24 hours in Glasgow partying. In Edinburgh I had a great time, played on a trampoline, then on the swings and slide, then on the climbing frame - all of which were in the garden of my friends' house. I loved running all over their house too; thanks Florence, Rosie and Isabella! We went to see the Gruffalo play together which I enjoyed a lot, especially the Sharing a Shell story and the Gruffalo in the woods. I got a bit confident and went right to the front, but then a really scary dinosaur appeared and I ran fast into mummy's arms. I was a bit of scaredi cat.
Glasgow was fun as I met some very big dogs (wheaten terriers) and stayed in a boutique hotel. I liked jumping on the bed at One Devonshire Grds very much indeed.

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