Monday, October 09, 2006

Orford Ness

I went with Mummy and Daddy to visit Grandpa in Suffolk. We drove up the M11 in pouring rain and it took all afternoon. I cried when the rain drops came down on the windows in menacing way, I guess because the noise was incredibly loud.

We arrived at the Ness around 5pm by which time the sun was out. We looked at the spot where Grandpa operated the Orford Ness ferry in the summer. I jumped in some puddles. Then I tightrope walked around the edge of the pier and examined the murky cold-looking water below. Mummy was worried I'd topple in but Daddy said I wasnt stupid - which I am not. Daddy gathered pebbles for me to throw in the water to make big splashes. We got quite cold with the east wind and headed on to Sudbourne for a roast chicken dinner.

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