Monday, October 02, 2006

The next day

I had a moutain of presents to open and made a good start bright and early (6.45). One of the best things was some farm yard wrapping paper and I named all the animals before ripping the paper off.
After that I jumped on the bed and on mummy.

Later that day Daddy's family came to celebrate and we went to the pub. Everyone bought me a present. Grandma had got me a till which beeps and has real money and a credit card. I've decided I love roast beef and yorkshire pudding, this is my special 'happy' yorkshire pud and gravy face. I enjoyed it so much that Uncle Hamish gave me some of his - him giving tasty food away from his plate is almost unknown. (Infact Daddy & Mummy say they have NEVER seen it happen before in the 8 years they have known him. I think this is because I am very cute and get away with stuff.)

This is my mummy and I am giving her a really big hug. My tummy is full and I am being loving.

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