Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Christmas Day

On Christmas we had some of Mummy's family and some of the Kleins for dinner, 12 plus me! I had spent the previous week being extra good and helpful and luckily Santa visited and bought a number of presents with him. I hadn't spoiled it by being very bad all day on the day before Christmas Eve, because he was already on his way with the presents. In my sack were some playdoh, a musical 4 x 4, a book on Thomas the tank engine and a book about Kipper. Under the tree a huge pile of presents had my name on, and I opened an oven, some dominoes, pjs, slippers, a dolly bed, another truck, some more books and a festive bib. There were more but its too many to list.

On Christmas Day I was really excited and did a lot of running around and squealing. I tried to help with making lunch but Mummy decided that was not a good idea so I was entertained by my aunties instead.

The starter was blinis (hand made by my Daddy) with smoked salmon, and the main course was a kelly's bronze 6 kg turkey with lots of trimmings. Grandma had made a special christmas pudding (nut-free) so me and mummy enjoyed eating that later with custard, after the walk on Hampstead Heath.
I had a nap, but mummy didnt rest until the present-opening-frenzy much much later.

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