Wednesday, January 03, 2007

December activities

We did lots of Christmassy things in December, as you might, we put up our tree and I wrapped some presents and sung carols. Then I helped Mummy to make a Christmas cake, we mixed the ingredients together and when it was baked I helped by making small holes so that Mummy could feed it with cognac. A few weeks later it was iced and I stuck a 3 icing snowflakes on, very carefully and leaving only a few fingerprints. It was really yummy - I have decided that I like christmas cake and christmas pudding.

We also made Christmas princess cookies with pink sugar, white chocolate and cranberries, but I didnt like those so much so Mummy took them to work where they were quickly eaten.
This is me mid-slide in the amazing jungle playground in Hampstead Heath, and then later trying out a rocking-motorcycle.

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