Wednesday, January 03, 2007

wintery suffolk holiday

Uncle Jack, Me and Aunt Clare
Me and Mummy on the Aldeburgh beach

After Christmas, we took a few days to go to Suffolk to stay in Pappy's house. It was really cold but Daddy and I built a fire and we snuggled up and ate cake.

When my aunt clare and uncle jack and aunt bryony and uncle chris arrived we all went for lunch in Aldeburgh, the pubs were full so we ate fish and chips on the beach. It was pretty mild, but not like in October and we certainly didnt hang about sitting in the sunshine. Instead we went and jumped away from waves and threw stones in the water.

On our last day, New Year's Eve, we went for a windy dark walk in Captains Wood, here we are looking warm... but some of party had consumed lots of red wine the night before, and a windy walk was just what they needed. We left the aunties and Chris and Jack to have a huge NYE's and perhaps pictures of that will appear here soon.

My New Year's Eve was spent in Fulham at my friend Isla's house where we had dinner and played with animal shaped balloons. I love my pig balloon, it reminds me of the piggies we saw in Suffolk.

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