Sunday, May 28, 2006

something happening at the zoo

We went to London Zoo with my friend Madeline (or Maddy-boo to her mates) and her parents, Phil & Monique. Here we are in the petting area saying hi to some goats.

We made slow progress as me and M wanted to walk around ourselves, but we saw pygmy hippos, wart-hogs, a giraffe, some tigers and a leopard. we also went to the children's bit where we could touch goats and sheep.

After a few hours of zoo-action the parents wanted a good lunch so we went to the Engineer and they all had really big cheese burgers. I chose penne pasta and ate it all up. M slept. The parents enjoyed a tasty organic pinotage and had enough room for dessert. Besides it was raining lots outside so not worth leaving the pub in a hurry...

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