Thursday, April 12, 2007

at the Easter fairground

Good Friday:
I went to my first funfair ever, in Hampstead Heath. Everything looked really exciting and brightly coloured and noisy and I felt quite brave about it all when looking.

I chose the big bouncy slide to go on first. This is a picture of Bear and me quite liking it, but on the third go I changed my mind at the top and couldn't get down. I didn't want to go down the slide or down the rubber steps and Mummy and Daddy looked really far away. Grown ups werent allowed up there. I was a bit scared. After much angst and tears I made it down the steps into Mummy's arms and it was ok again.

Immediately I wanted to try another ride, but once on the horse it was a similar story. It went too fast and didn't stop when I wanted it to. It was not at all like the roundabout in the playground. At least Daddy went with me to hold me tight. After that, I wanted more but Mummy said we had some cotton candy instead. I took quite a lot of persuading to even try that floaty pink fluff but once I had - it was mine, all mine.

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