Thursday, August 16, 2007

"what about poor Scarlett?"


That was my most over used phrase last week
Whenever Mummy gave Sophie any attention, I piped up with my mournful cry. If that doesn't grab Mummy's attention back, I invariably decide that I need to do poos-on-loos as soon as Sophie starts feeding. I am also getting good use of this face here which was where I cried for 20 minutes because I was thirsty and there was no pub in sight (many readers may sympathise, as this is a nation of drinkers), and then when we got to the pub Sophie wanted a drink too AND got her drink first.
Both Sophie and I decided to wail at full volume outside this lovely pub where grown-ups were trying to wind down from work stresses on a sunny Friday evening. I think Mummy was a bit embarrassed and Daddy was pretending he wasnt really there. Infact at one point it looked like he was trying to join another group of drinkers.
Good thing the no children in pubs rule of yesteryear has gone.

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