Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Does she look like a Sophie Klein?

For those of you readers who liked the first name we tried - Tansy - well sorry but Daddy said no, so we are going with Sophie. Sophie is now 5 weeks old and she is settling in to the family very well. She has given Mummy and Daddy 2 nights of uninterrupted sleep from midnight til 6 (NB. I messed those up by getting up at 5...but they could have had that uninterrupted sleep), but is back to waking up once in the night like most babies. I make sure she is up again with me at 6. Yes, Mummy is very cross about that.
I am trying to keep up my evil plan of not going to bed and getting up early, but tiredness is setting in even for me, so now I stay up late every other night but still get up at 6 every morning. Last night was a special effort of screaming and waking Sophie up every time Mummy thought she was asleep again.
Mummy told me she counted 25 more grey hairs on her head this morning after that performance. She also said something about harking for the old days where she reviewed clinical trial agreements, went to a meeting, typed some emails and grabbed a Starbucks in a peaceful and respectful atmosphere.

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