Friday, July 27, 2007

punishing mummy

she thought she could quietly install a wee blond midget (see picture) into the house that would challenge my dominance and that I would just take it, lying down, without a fight. she thought I would be pleased to have a new friend to play with forever: someone with whom to build dens, eat ice cream, drink cider, and swop secrets and shoes. I am certainly teaching her a thing or two about that assumption. Its possible that I may never forgive her.

Mummy has always known that I am strong of will. Last nights' performance made me feel more dominant again. I didn't go to bed til well past 9pm again last night, then got up at 4.26 am, finally back to sleep at 5.21 to be up again at 6.31. [mummy had been up with Sophie at 3 and then at 6 whilst also getting me back to sleep at 5 and so was on her knees. I felt a victory there.]

Update: Despite the previous night's limited sleep hours, I have managed a sterling drama queen performance tonight which probably disturbed the entire street, and finally collapsed on the carpet at 9.45. I am not tired - why does she not get that?

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