Thursday, July 19, 2007


Mummy has not been posting as usual, because I have been Trouble. Who me? I have decided that at bedtime I am not tired and I will not stay in my big girls bed but wail on the stairs instead. After much crying and tantrums later, normally 10 pm, I collapse into sleep only to ping up again at between 2-4 am, ready to do battle once more. I try to time this second waking just before my baby sister wakes up in the night, to make Mummy happy. Then I am properly up at 6.06 am bouncing on Mummy's head or kicking Daddy where he doesnt like being kicked.

Mummy is quite dazed now with lack of sleep and dealing with the constant naughtiness so cannot guarantee when the next posting will be. In the meantime there are some more photos of baby sister without a name to keep you going. According to Mummy, Daddy is not observing the usual Dad etiquette rules and allowing her to have the final say. Daddy is hoping that Mummy will just be worn down into agreeing anything, but Mummy has a strong inner core of resistance. So, it is still No. 2, baby, kleinster, turtle, squawker etc.

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